Getting into Lives for 'Active life'


As we are aware about the health & wellness industry growth and success in the modern arena of technology and medical advances. According the experts from US it has been understood that the wellness industry is going to grow by 3 trillion USD every year.

The Indian health and wellness standard is enhanced day by day with improvement and standardization. Due to the enhancement and up gradation need the health, fitness and wellness industries require trained and qualified professionals in the said field.

As physiotherapy has lots of importance in sports, gyms, pain management etc. The additional qualification and training in the field of Fitness, Gym Training, Aerobics, and Personnel training in

Fitness will have added advantage. There is tremendous shortage of such kind of experts in the gyms, sports centers, aerobics institutes, fitness centers etc. The monthly earnings of such professional ranges for Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 100000/-.

This has opened a new carrier opportunities. There is no organized quality training institutes in INDIA. The rich experience of 15 plus years in the field of sports, gyms, fitness, wellness, aerobics, and lifestyle managements etc. Active Life has brought the certified courses in Hyderabad & other parts AP at this stage.

Active Life Academy of Health| Fitness| Wellness introduces certified courses programs in three different specialties as under,

• Fitness & Gym Trainers Certified Course

• Aerobics & Body conditioning Certified Course

• Personnel Trainers duration Certified Course